Monday, February 19, 2007

Examples of Sponges

Agelas conifera, the Brown Tube Sponge. Typically smooth walled, brown to tan in color, smooth, velvety in appearance. Grow in clusters, joined at base. (below)

Aplysina cauliformis, the Row Pore Rope Sponge. Long rows of excurrent siphons. Occur in tints of purple, reds. (below)

Atergia sp. Distinct species with octopus-sucker like papillations. Occur in red to white color on dead coral, protected regions. Western Pacific. N. Sulawesi image. (below)

Callyspongia species. Blue Callyspongia. A species of Hawaiian sponge found living exposed on the open reef (below)

Cinachyra sp. Orange Ball Sponge. Tropical West Atlantic, to 100 foot depth, under ledges, in protected areas. To about 1/2 foot diameter orange ball-shapes, with many excurrent siphons riddling their surface. (below)

Cliona vastifica Boring Sponges. Widely distributed. About 165 described species. Here in the Red Sea. (below)
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